Charcuterie By The Lake With Gather Table Co.

There's always a place in my heart for a nights stay on the lake. It's almost like there's this pull to the water that I can't fully understand but yet you find me as close to the water as possible. I was even like that after the mountains. Nature's beauty is always a necessity when living in the city full time I always say. Last weekend, I was invited to stay at my friend Ashley's lake house. With both being photographers and loving the idea of gathering around food. We stopped at our local Horrocks. If you don't know what Horrocks is, its an amazing place and a stylist's unescapable trap. We walked in and we new that the end had come. For our bank accounts that is. I decided to whip up a charcuterie plate (as I do...I know...I'm obsessed with cheese) I grabbed some romano, smoked gouda, sharp cheddar, cherry tomatoes, and some other ingredients. I always add some oil to dip, this being avocado, and I tend to put cracked black pepper all over my food. I also packed my new cutting board from Gather Table Co. 

Gather Table Co. is a company that promotoes the idea of "Being together is a lost art. Let's find it again." They create modern family-heirloom tables (cutting boards...etc) with the conviction that this is where life happens. They were oh so kind enough to send me some beautiful coasters ( blog post coming soon) and this beautiful cutting board. I remember as a kid when I would climb up on my Grandma's dining room chair and to see all of her wonderful weathered cutting boards all over the counter covered in food and crumbs. As you know from my past history, I was raised in the kitchen and cutting boards were always apparent in each and every kitchen that I roamed in. I even remember making a cutting board for my Grandma Boyd in high school. And to this day, she still has it sitting on her counter. 

When I found Gather Table Co. It was almost a match made in heaven. What they promote is what I see in my life in my current state. I love people and the idea of getting together around food, It's all just so nostalgic to me. 

Here are more pictures from that night at the lake. Pictures of me are taken by Ashley of the blog Sincerely Ashley.

Go check out Gather Table Co. They have the most beautiful tables and the most amazing pieces that any chef, gathering, lover, foodie would want in their kitchens.

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