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Charcuterie By The Lake With Gather Table Co.

There's always a place in my heart for a nights stay on the lake. It's almost like there's this pull to the water that I can't fully understand but yet you find me as close to the water as possible. I was even like that after the mountains. Nature's beauty is always a necessity when living in the city full time I always say. Last weekend, I was invited to stay at my friend Ashley's lake house. With both being photographers and loving the idea of gathering around food.

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Ferris Barista Throw down - The Trust Building

When school is finished for the week, homework is not a necessity, and you have a free night, you head out on the town. A couple friends and I headed to Ferris Coffee Co.  for their Barista throw down. Blake and I arrived early, grabbed some food, and waited for the throw down to start. As the baristas arrived, I saw a few that I knew and I even saw Bisera of Lush Gourmet. With uniting with some old friends, it was a beautiful night. 

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Daily Fika 9: Tina Rae Gibbs

The day that school got out, I made some plans to celebrate. I got dinner at Donkey with some friends but then I you know... to grab a cup of coffee. My friend Tina Rae Gibbs and I have been instagram friends for months now and I texted to her to see if she wanted to join me.  We grabbed coffee at Rowster and just relaxed. We took a break from our busy lives and had our moment of Fika. We talked about our lives and about each other's work. Then we ventured out to take some pictures in the snow. Tina is a wedding photographer from Grand Haven who loves coffee as much as I do.

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