When my friend Megan and I went around Wealthy St. last Thursday, she took me to the Cakabakery. Being a newbie around East Town, I wanted to adventure out and see what else East Town holds. When we walked into this magical place, I stopped in my tracks. The interiors were spectacular. It bought back all of these memories from my childhood. It has this nostalgic feeling with all of the natural light and the old baking utensils. They had a lot of the utensils my Great Grandma had when I was little, which made me smile even more. The space matches the desserts quite nicely with it's whimsical charm and it's beautiful craftsmanship. When Megan and I walked in, Jason Kakabaker, the owner, welcomed us with open arms and showed us his baking world. 

Here's a little bit more about The Cakabakery:

"At Cakabakery, we make all of our desserts just for you from real, fresh, local ingredients. Stop in to grab-and-go or, order up a custom dessert. Custom means we can make just about anything you’d like in either West Michigan location. We create desserts of all flavors, fillings, shapes and sizes. Tell us about your event and we’ll be glad to recommend the perfect blend of desserts to please every palate.

Come by the shop in Holland or Eastown and sample many featured desserts like self-serve caramel corn, cupcakes, customizable cakes, daily special treats, and much more. Visit us on social media to learn what’s in store today. We’ll plan to see you soon!"- The Cakabakery

I found out the Jason was on Foodnetwork in Cupcake Wars. Cupcake wars is one of my favorite shows on Foodnetwork. To know someone so close in my town, that participated in the show really made me happy! It shows that anything is possible when you're passionate about something.

I knew I needed to do a look book for The Cakabakery:

If you are ever in the East Town Grand Rapids area, you should go down to The Cakabakery and treat yourself to something sweet. Jason and the gang will welcome you with open arms! 





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