Cabin Fever with Iron+Resin, Stetson, and Mercy Supply


Fog has this wonderful tendency to mystify the landscape; changing it and making it something else. It made a small nautical drive into a Portlandic landscape of the mountains but yet, there are no mountains in Holland, Michigan. Making my cabin fever tendencies full frontal, I began to dream of the small cabins that were hidden throughout the entirety of the landscape that we call planet earth. Today, I want to feature some of my current wardrobe pieces that I can't live without in this weird flux of weather that we've been having in Michigan. One day it's humid, the other it's thunder storming. The morning that Ashley and I went out to Holland to go to the new Ferris, It stormed for awhile and then we had a break in the crying sky. With my nautical past coming to the front thanks to my Cabin Boy Coffee design project, I knew that I wanted to go to the lighthouse in Holland.I’ve always loved lighthouses. I can picture myself walking through Grandma Boyd’s house looking at her vast collection of lighthouses and all of the spoons that she collected from her travels. From plates, to dolls, to lace, she collected a lot of beautiful things but the lighthouses were the most important to her. She even had them in the Christmas tree. These beacons are always a connection to her and my travels with her. So if there’s a lighthouse around, I’m usually running towards it and or sitting in front of it letting the nostalgia wash over me.

I've been sporting my vintage Stetson hat that I got from a local resale shop. I really love the light purple/gray that it changes to when the light hits it. Along with that, I'm wearing the Mercy Supply Bandanna that Ashley got me for graduation. Finally, I'm wearing my Iron + Resin shirt that I got from Bridge Street Exchange in Fenton, MI. And always, pairing it with a pair of Levi's. Here's where you can shop my look!

Stetson Hat: Similar

Iron + Resin Shirt: Blood Type Whiskey

Mercy Supply Bandanna: It's pretty cool

Photos: Sincerely Ashley