Breakfast with La Colombe and Tin Cup Whiskey


Good Morning Everyone, 

I had a bit of time Saturday morning and decided to make something delicious for you all. I know this is a bit overly said but I do enjoy the harvest season. The weather is amazing, the aroma in the air, and the fashion is even better. With the sudden effect of the natural climate and the hurricanes, the temperature has risen back up in the 80's here in Michigan, so I decided to make a fall inspired breakfast to take me into the hopefully up and coming season. I know, oatmeal an easy recipe but there's a few things that make this oatmeal special. With being a busy man, I'm constantly on the go and am always needing a quick fix of caffeine. With not enjoying the horrible plays on coffee that I like to call "Big business coffee" (or coffee from a mast produced fast food joint) I have utilized the draft latte's from La Colombe. With the season approaching they have released a chai latte and a pumpkin spice latte. With thinking of different ways of making this oatmeal, I decided to use the chai latte as a substitute for water. But more on that later. Let's begin with the apple whiskey reduction. I used apple cidar from a local farm along with a few fresh apples. Then I added a good slurp of tin cup whiskey. Let's get on to the recipe shall we?



Apple Whiskey Reduction

1 Cup of Apple Cider

1 TSP Vanilla

1 Shot of Whiskey 

3 Small Apples 

3 TBS Cinnamon 

1 TSP Clove 


Organic Rolled Oats ( Follow the package to see the measurements and instructions) 

1 Cup of La Colombe Draft Latte (You can use Milk or Water)

1 TBS Cinnamon

2 TBS Vanilla



Step 1: Put your apple cider, your whiskey, vanilla, and spices together into a saucepan and incorporate. Turn the burner on to medium to high heat.

Step 2: Cut your apples into small pieces and put into the mixture and let it reduce to 15- 20 minutes until it reduces by half.

Step 3: As that's cooking, measure out your draft latte and put it into another saucepan. Set to medium to high heat. (Use the recipe on the oatmeal container)

Step 4: When the latte is almost boiling, add your oats and cook until its soft.

Step 5: Add in your cinnamon and vanilla while it's cooking. 

Step 6: Serve it up!