Birthday Celebration : Looking Back

Today has been a day of rest for this man. With working all week at Damn Handsome and constant research for the blog, it left me pretty tired. My Dad came into town on Friday for a job and him and I went to Sundance for lunch. He looked at me and said "Ty,  are you okay?". I replied "yeah I'm fine, just tired". His concern well...concerned me and then he proceeded to ask me about my week. I told him and after I was finished, he said " Tyler James, you need to take care of yourself. I know that you're hard working and determined but for god sakes, you need to take a break now and then." I looked at him as I sipped my prickly pear lemonade and said "I know". I guess with being raised in a family who is always on the go and working, It somewhat transmuted into me; even my brother is constantly working. There's nothing wrong with being an ENFJ, you just need to take some time for yourself to rest those creative juices. So today, I've been laying low, sipping iced tea and binge watching Netflix. Stranger Things eh? But that leads me to this blog post. On June 26th, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. My good friends Meahgan, Meredith, and Dee threw a party for me on the 28th and let me tell you...My heart was so full. I was going to blog about it that weekend but stuff got busy again. I think I saved it for a future blog post for a pick me up, because everyone needs a pick me up and to look at old photographs. I have a huge gallery of photos to share with you guys. There are two things that made this birthday special: 1- I got to spend time with family and friends. 2- I finally got something that I've never gotten before. Meahgan made me a birthday cake...I've never had someone make me a cake before...When she brought it out with sparkling candles...My heart flipped and I started tearing up. As my friends began singing happy birthday, I knew that I was home. There's this act of spending time with friends and family around food that takes me back to my childhood. Always eating around a candle lit table during the holidays and special times. Laughing and cheering at the jokes and funny yet weird moments that we all experience. That brought me back home