Barista Parlor: Germantown - Nashville TN

During the early weeks of September, my parents, brother and I headed to Nashville for a weekend trip. We haven't taken a trip as a family in a plethora of years so actually it was well overdue. It was the perfect moment for reflection along with getting away and showing my family the wonders of city living. This was my first time riding a plane so...let's just say we had a rocky start, not including my Dad getting off at the wrong exit that had to reroute us into Detroit traffic. Anyways, we landed safely, rented a 2017 Cadillac (what..?) and we all decided to head to a coffee shop. With my expertise and dabbling in cultural studies, I had marked Germantown's Barista Parlor on the map. With my parents slowly getting into coffee (on my accord) they were intrigued. We pulled up to the parking structure and I remember leaping out of the car. I was dubbed the navigator for the weekend, so as soon as I saw the large white anchor on the wall...I leaped out of the car like a child seeing his grandmother again. My parents were in tow and know how I get when I'm excited. The lighting, the walls, the branding....It's a designer's and an aesthete's dream. It couldn't help the feeling of coziness that came with this coffee shop. Sometimes white can come off as a harsh and clean but there was this intriguing feeling of home was perpetual. Here's a little more about Barista Parlor:

"Barista Parlor was established in 2011. We seek the betterment of coffee for all mankind, sourcing with an emphasis on clarity, roasting with an emphasis on sweetness, and brewing with a focus on framing both of these qualities in a beautiful cup, in a physical space where commerce and art intersect. We work with local Nashville artists, farms, businesses, and bakeries."