A Simple Morning With Wendling + Boyd

Sometimes there's a moment where you realize that you are the epitome of a solar flare. Last Saturday I taught my first ever solo food styling event at our local West Elm here in Grand Rapids. Let me tell you, all of last week I was a mess. When I know I have to talk in front of people I get really nervous, but when it's actually happening, I'm perfectly fine. I think the energy of the event is what made it easy for me to talk so fluently. The event was beautiful, with meeting The Masen James Bakery along with spending some time with some old and new friends at this morning gathering. I think this is just the beginning of these gatherings. I loved teaching people how to style their food in alliance of telling a story with their food. I also want to send personal thank you's to my best friend Meahgan for taking pictures of the event. You're the best! To Kristin of West Elm Gr for helping me set up this event and allowing me to host it at her shop. And the Masen James Bakery, for donating their delicious scones. Here are a couple of pictures from the people who took the class:

Here are some pictures of the event: 

I can't wait to teach another class. In fact I might have another one coming in the next couple of months. I'm really blessed to have all of you guys in my life and I cant thank you enough!