Good Morning Everyone!

With school rapidly approaching, I'm remembering the days of when school was about to start as a child. The week of ( usually being after labor day ) we'd plan an entire week of adventurous events and had a rather large agenda of things to do. As being an adult living two hours away from my family and school starting the week before Labor Day, I've made a 5 step guide for you guys that is somewhat reminiscent of my childhood. With a few modern touches here and there but I'm going to stick pretty close to my memories for this one. Always keep it simple and pack light :

: Agenda :

1. Go on an adventure up north or to a new/different city: My Grandma Boyd used to travel all time, and we'd travel around the entire state of Michigan when I was little. We'd pack up a cooler of food, I'd bring a toy camera, and my brother and I would all bunch into their small Buick and just go on road trips together. Then we would always make our way up to Mackinaw City and or Houghton Lake to stay the night at our cabin.

2. Try new Restaurants: With new cities comes new restaurants. Always check out the Ma and Pa restaurants because they usually have the best food. The hole in the wall places are usually where you'll also find great food. When we traveled we'd always stay away from the larger corporations and find the cute little side road greasy spoons or diners that we would find when my Grandma would get lost.

3. Find your local farmer's market : Meeting your local farmers and local makers is always a nice way to start out your day. Especially if they have delicious honey. 

4. Go for a bike ride or a walk: Exercise keeps the mind and body going. Leave your computers and tv's at home and just head out for a hike, a bike ride, even walking around the city, you might find new aspiring things to do. 

5. Grabbing a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone: Treat yourself to something delicious!