How To: Aeropress x Foster Coffee Co.

Hey guys! 

At the Michigan Blogger Mixer at Foster last week, Nicholas gave all of the panelists a bag of their new exclusive blend of beans by Madcap. With wanting to create a blog post utilizing these beans, I wanted to give you guys a how to on one of my favorite ways of making coffee. The easy and simple Aeropress is probably my go to way of making coffee during the week, chemex is usually on the week...but I digress. So here's my How To Guide on to making coffee with an Aeropress:

Step 1: Preferably get a long necked tea pot and fill it with water and put it on the stove to boil.

Step 2: During that time, grab out the scoop ( or 2 tablespoons) that comes with the aeropress and scoop into your burr grinder. Grind to medium to fine consistency.

Step 3: Remove plunger and basket out of the brewing vessel. 

Step 4: Place a filter in the basket and wait until the water is done boiling. 

Step 5: When water is done, grab your vessel and basket, and pre wet both over the sink so you don't make a mess ( like I have millions of time ).

Step 6: Place basket back onto the vessel tightly, grab a teacup and place Aeropress on top of the cup. Then add your coffee.

Step 7: Fill the vessel with water until it measures to the 4 line. 

Step 8: Stir with a wooden spoon.

Step 9: Place plunger on top so it can brew. Brew for about 1 minute and 16 seconds.

Step 10: Remove the plunger and stir once more. 

Step 11: Then press slowly until the plunger hits the bottom.

Then you're finished!!!

Have an amazing day guys! I'm heading up north to the lake house! Stay tuned for more!