Abbott NYC: On The Go


Happy Friday Everyone!

This week has been absolutely nuts over at the Wendling & Boyd household. From Chicago, to the lake house, and to and from Grand Rapids, this week has been rather chaotic. And let me just say, I’ve extremely self conscious of my sweat. With having a thyroid deficiency, I tend to sweat a lot… I know TMI but hey, It’s something that I have to deal with on the daily. That brings me to today’s blog post. My friends over at Abbott NYC, contacted me about a blog post featuring their try on kit and then from that, they would send me a bottle of cologne to feature on the blog. Let me just say, I love all of their scents. But there was something so refreshing that was synonymous with their “The Cape” scent. I’ve been carrying around these little viles of fragrance with me and everyone fell in love with The Cape. It wears really nicely and it isn’t overpowering like the generic fragrances that you find at a department store. It takes me back to those spring days on the paddle board on Houghton Lake.

Here’s more about Abbott NYC:

Abbott is a fragrance house born out of passion for nature, travel and the transcendent power of scent. For us, fragrance is a powerful tool for paying attention to our environment, allowing us to slow down and live in the present. That’s why our master perfumers create clean fragrances that capture the essence and the memories of natural places. Each scent serves as a daily reminder of the beauty that exists around us. All products are phthalate free, paraben free and cruelty-free, with all ingredients chosen to provide the best combination of quality, safety and limited environmental impact.

Thanks again guys for sending over a bottle of cologne. I’ve fallen in love with your amazing products! If you’d like to get a bottle and or a try on kit, check out their website and their social media.

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!