An Unexpected Gathering: Harless + Hugh

Photo by : Julia Ross 

Photo by : Julia Ross 

On November 9th, I hosted my third food styling class. The day was one that I will never forget. The day started out with work at school, then I had class. After class, I made my way up to my car and passed Nantucket's Bakery. With only having a plate full of palmier's, I knew that I needed something else. I grabbed a loaf of San Francisco Sourdough, greeting the lovely charitable ladies at the bakery. We talked about the holidays a bit and then I made my way to my car. As I got into the car, I hooked my iPhone up and started heading towards Bay City. I took an alternate route because as of an earlier blog post, my wanderlusting was on the highest point that day. I made my way going north instead of east. 

With Siri helping me in my way, she took me through a couple little towns where I honestly felt uncomfortable. I was in the boondocks of some lake town and as I stopped to get gas, something happened. As I went in and prepaid for gas, I noticed this man who seemed to be rather irritated. With walking out, he instantly started yelling and someone sitting next to him in his beaten down truck. As I walk back, I didn't notice this metal pole sticking out of the gas pump. It went through my shirt and as the cold metal hit my skin, I was startled and thus...ripping my shirt... I pump my gas and I head out. All I could think was " I hope I can get to the flea market before Deb closes shop for the day". I arrive in Bay City and instantly go to The Harless + Hugh Flea. With it being one of my favorite shops and having an abundance of flannel, I new that it would fit perfectly! 

I walked into the Flea and was created by Deb. I told her what had happened and she took me over to the flannel selection and I picked out a St Johns Bay Brown Chambray button up. I tried it on and new that it was perfect. Deb and I parted ways and I headed towards to coffee shop. As I walked into the shop out of breathe, all I could see was the amazingness of what the setup of where the food styling class was held. Bubble lights hanging from the ceilings, antique/rustic lights lighting the table top. As I walked into the room, I was created by Julia, a fellow photographer and designer who I’ve known ever since I knew about Harless + Hugh. We finished setting up, with me hauling all of my props into the shop and then we headed for the street with the lights. We took a couple shots there and then made our way back to the shop. I grabbed a cortado and got my presentation ready. And then…We got the fire going. 


As the night went on and people started arriving. I was sipping on a beer and started the class. I talked the normal talk and the event lasted for a good 4 hours. It was just a class but it was the truly authentic gathering that I dreamed of. Good friends, amazing food, great music, and a campfire. A way that life should be. 


Here are some pictures from the night:

I honestly cant thank the ladies of Harless + Hugh and the entire community for coming to this class. It has been my favorite so far and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone!