Madcap Tasting: Shop Hop 2016

Hello Everyone!

It has been one heck of a week. I've been working nonstop on my finals along with getting ready for the holiday season. My parents are flying out for a concert today so I'm heading back to Chesaning to watch Cooper. But yesterday (Thursday) was extremely hectic. I had work, my final exam, and posters to finish. But I then saw that Madcap was having an open house for Shop Hop. Shop Hop is when uptown and uptown becomes a huge shopping experience. With being busy, I sadly couldn't participate in the any of it but I knew I wanted to have a break. I've only been outside of the roastery to grab a pour over but that was it. I've been in the Water Street Coffee roastery in Kalamazoo and fell in love with it. So, as I do, I grab my friend Laurie ( who has never had Madcap) and we headed for the roastery. We walked in, were greeted by Courtney, a barista, and payed for the tasting. We then walked into a warmly lit room and started the tasting just us the two. Trevor walked us through the Holiday Fusion and what the blend was made out of. They use Karinga which is a Kenyan coffee and the Santa Lucia which is a Costa Rican coffee. We got out little Madcap cups and started with the Holiday fusion. Then it was broken down by each blend. Laurie and I chatted with the Madcap crew for a good hour. I honestly was so thankful to get away from my computer. I've been staring at it for days on end and this was the perfect get away. 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Much Love!