A Secret Picnic: Getting Away

There's a moment when you realize that you've gone so deep into your headspace, you begin to realize that you're constantly working. Hell, I haven't even had time to fully grieve my grandmother. But I'm thankful for the ones who are around me, keeping me safe. My friend Dee and Kathryn had planned an entire day for me on my birthday. But the catch was, I couldn't use my camera and could hardly use my phone to take pictures. They both have seen how hard I work and wanted me to live the day and not be behind my camera. The first thing Dee did was make me a birthday cake. The only time a friend has made me a cake was last year. So in all honesty, I rather have a cake than presents. There's always a sense of making food for someone that is much more satisfying than a physical object. 

After, we got in the car and headed somewhere unknown. They kept their secret and I was nervous yet excited. Dee made me a mixtape for the ride and it was full of our favorite songs. Here's looking at you Halo by Beyonce. We turned down the Saugatuck exit and we found our way to Uncommon Coffee Roasters. One of my favorite escapes away from the city. The girls treated me to coffee. Dee took pictures of Kathryn and I as we drank our java and then we headed to our next destination. We found our way to a clearing in the woods and they said "we're here". I looked at both of them and said "oh?". "We made you a picnic" Dee said gleefully. I squealed with joy and got out of the car and ran towards the clearing. They grabbed the food and a ton of props and they told me to style the picnic. Dee started taking pictures and Kathryn and I worked on dinner. Featuring bread from Nantucket's bakery, cheese from Martha's Vineyard, Italian butter,  and some delicious fruit. It was amazing to just sit, set up, and enjoy the picnic. I'm honestly so thankful for this afternoon. The thunder came and it began to rain. I wasn't upset about it or anything, It was like Grandma was there with me. As I write this to ya'll, I couldn't have been happier for the simple day. 

Also! Here's the video the Dee made!

I'm so thankful for these girls. You guys truly made my day. <3

All photo shot by Dee Derusha