A Personal Branding Story


Everyone always said that I was a storyteller. I think that speaks true to where I am currently with everything that is happening. 

So yeah...I haven't blogged in 3 months and I apologize for that. Finishing my BFA has taken a lot out of me. I have 2.5 weeks left and I'm ready to graduate. But what am I working on ? Where is WB going? Let me explain.

This semester has thrown me to the wolves, thrown me into the depths with the sirens, and it also has thrown me into purgatory. And I left kicking and screaming. But all in all, I've experienced some pivotal moments throughout the semester. 

1. Fighting for WB - My professors suggested that I change the name for my personal brand. I fought for WB and they decided to let me keep it. (I was going to keep it anyways) I wasn't ready to get rid of my heritage. No way No how!

2. Making - I made light fixtures. My thesis project allowed me to finally make with my hands. I wanted to create something that was truly enforcing my design ideals and that could create an emotional response with the viewer. Check out the project here

3. I won 4 Addy's for my Levi's Campaign: The Adfed of West Michigan hosted their annual addy awards and put in my Levi's campaign and it won 4 bronze. Let's just say a night with friends, wine, and seeing my colleagues excel at what they do was an powerful moment for me.

4. Finally finding my branding/ self: This is why I wanted to post this post today. As you all know, I've changed WB's logo and branding constantly ever since it started. The reasoning behind this
(I found this out in my research and looking through my archives...fun fact: I have archives) is because I've struggled through trying to find the best way to put my rustic roots into my minimal design style. As you all know, I was raised in farming country and I appreciate my time with nature. When I went into the Smokey Mountains, it all changed from there. The aromas, the sounds, and the lack of internet truly showed me that these moments are crucial. When we were going through Grandma Boyd's photos from her and Grandpa's travels, we found some of them in the mountains. I instantly grabbed them and decided to hold onto them. (I'll post those soon). Let me show you my branding:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.10.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.10.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.10.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.09.10 PM.png

Let me explain: The rift/mountain/energy line is different on my business cards, resume, cover letters, and throughout the rest of my brand. The began to notice these rifts throughout nature, my work (Scintillate), and throughout the mountainous terrains that John Muir talks about in his writings. They began and still haunt me and at that moment, I knew that was the answer. Making these lines were full of energy, reminiscent of the mountains, and were the perfect way to bridge me rustic roots into my simple style. But here's the freaky thing:

With having portfolio reviews last Wednesday, senioritis made it's way into my mind and I began to pull away from my projects. In that instance, I knew that It was time to dive into nature. Last Saturday, I got up early and headed to Saugatuck Dunes National Park (A place where I've had to escape throughout the years). I made my way into the trees and the found myself staring at the beach. The waves roared and the wind whistled and it all stood still. I walked down the sandy hill and stepped to the water and began to notice these rifts in the landscape.

My branding was in the landscape. Even the colors spoke to my branding...and in that moment I knew that nature had my back. If the universe was fighting for me, I needed to start fighting for myself. 

So where does that take WB? There is not definitive answer but design and history are going to be a huge focus. Coffee will be as well because that is a part of my heritage. There might be a few cocktail and food recipes coming too but more on that later. 


Back to work!! See you guys soon!