A Midsummer's Resolution


There's a wonderful moment of clarity that should hit when you graduate with your BFA. But for me...there isn't. Since May 5th, there was a mental break. a breach if you will. I can hear Dustin Tebbutt serenading my curious musings now...What a dream... I digress... I also was summoned for jury duty back in Saginaw so it's interesting to be back in my old room at my parent's house. Ever since graduation I've been feeling like I'm being tied down to something and not knowing what is extremely unsettling. From the couple weeks of final reviews up until now, I've been called to the towns that mark pivotal moments in my life: Holland, Saugatuck, Holly, Fenton, Bay City, Owosso, and Chesaning. And my wanderlust is continually eating me alive. There has to be something more. Something that I haven't seen. And oddly enough, I've seen a lot of things in the short 23 years of my life. The quote "What do I want my life to be?" keeps alluring me to the brands that align myself with...but as I do...I always ask why? Do I want to work with these companies? (uhh yeah!). Do I want to leave Michigan behind and start new? (I want to leave yes but not necessarily start over). At this point...I don't know where to align myself. 

But one thing that I know for sure is that, this semester took me down like no other. I haven't been able to workout, sleep, and or even eat right. There were countless times that I ran to Jimmie Johns for a number 6. I even remember eating popcorn and mac and cheese for breakfast one day because I simply didn't have the time. Now with getting my bearings back, with cortado in hand (yes I'm at a coffee shop writing this), I'm here to make a midsummer's resolution.


With this being an amalgamation of images that I've pulled, but it's all for good reason. These are the beginning of what could be the next adventure for Wendling & Boyd. Let me begin with the resolutions:

1: Better Living: As a man who once was 300 pounds, I've grown to love being active. I want to start hiking more (move to the mountains already sheesh), riding my bike, and I also want to take up surfing. I love the water and was trained for 9 years in swimming/diving so I think I need to rekindle that love. I also want to eat healthier, with being a bit of a man about town, I'm usually out eating with friends. I think I need to realign with healthier options. (are mussels good for you?) Workout, Run, and just GO!

2: Situate self with brands, their story, and why they exist: WB was and will always be focused on supporting local and small batch made goods. There are a couple of brands that I'm beginning to align myself with; both large and small. Here's a list: Mollusk (my new wardrobe staple), Patagonia (a company that is suing trump is always great in my books) , Damn Handsome Grooming Co (always!) , Get Maude (beautiful designed sexual health products, what isn't there to love?),  Hims (Take Care of yourself ya'll) all of the coffee shops that I frequent (the usual <3), the list goes on. 

3. Love: not just self love but love in everything and anything. Don't make this weird ya'll but there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes all you need is to notice those small beautiful things to make life worth living. A kiss on the cheek, a sunflower growing in a field of weeds, and nordic inspired building in the middle of downtown Fenton, a brown coat from one of your favorite makers, there's so much out there.  

4. Working hard and pushing myself: as a child born in a business man/entrepreneur family, I've always worked my ass off and still do. I have so much drive and determination and I think it's time to take the deep dive into design, social media, and anything that I can work on. 

5. Always wander: This is a big one. Grandma Boyd always proposed that I wander frequently. That's how we traveled around Michigan finding the lighthouse and tiny food stands. You never know what you'll find.


All I can say is that...I'm ready to run (insert Dixie Chicks here) 


Cheers to new beginnings and a refreshing new life

See you soon