Bespoke Old Fashioned Negroni


Happy Monday Everyone!

Last weekend was a blast! From being up north at the lake house to having brunch at Mokaya for mother’s day yesterday, I was constantly on the move. From the lack of sleep and my schedule becoming busier and busier, I wanted to make a cocktail for you guys. I haven’t did a cocktail post in a long time so here we are. I’ve teamed up with Bespoke for the month of May to bring you this little recipe. As a man who socially drinks, I usually don’t make a cocktail while I’m at home. It usually goes, wine at home, and cocktail while I’m out on the town. Some nights do call for a cocktail though. I’m a man of gin and whiskey and I decided to make this little concoction of mine. I call this my Old Fashioned Negroni! Here’s what you need for the recipe-

Bespoke Post / Minisocial sent over the blow torch, a few wood blocks, and a jar for use. With loving the idea of adding a smoked aroma to a cocktail, my mind instantly went to an old fashioned but when I continued to think about it, I really was craving the booziness of Campari. So I created a Frankenstein cocktail:



Cocktail Shaker or something to stir your cocktail in

Blow Torch

Oak Slab (make sure its food grade)

Rocks Glass

Stirring Spoon with a long handle

Ice sphere mold (W&P)

2 oz. Whiskey (I used Slow and Low)

1.5 oz. Campari

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

3 dashes Aromatic Bitters




Prep: Add butane to your blow torch in a safe environment. (Have parent supervision)

Turn on your torch and light the oak block. When it turns black, quickly put your glass over it to contain the smoke.

Step 1: In your shaker and or small pitcher, add ice.

Step 2: Add your ingredients to your pitcher/shaker: Whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and campari.

Step 3: Stir this mixture until the liquids reaches halfway from where it started.

Step 4: Take glass off of the wood block. Add a sphere of ice to the glass.

Step 5: Pour your cocktail into glass.

Step 6: Zest your orange. Wipe the edge and squeeze the peal into the glass.

Step 7: Add zest into glass and torch a small amount

Step 8: Enjoy!


Thank you again to the Bespoke Post team and The Minisocial team for this collaboration!

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