2019: A Year Of Magic


2018 was a year of learning and difficulty. A lot of my friends tend to agree. From graduation and learning how to survive with a few things, let’s just say that there has been a few shifts here and then. In reality, that’s what life is about, shifting and making a change. There’s this magic that I’ve experience. It’s a mixture of serendipity, spontaneity, and nostalgic tendencies that don’t fall short of sadness. I digress but it’s this odd concoction if memories, emotions, and experiences that become this “thing”. Not a physically manifestation but a state of mind. I’m currently sitting in the sun at the local Starbucks here in my neighboring town listening to 80’s music and sipping on my juniper latte wondering what this new year will bring. I have to stop myself from doing so because there needs to be some mystery. I’m a creature of control and I like to have control over everything in my life. Yes, It’s a flaw that I know and accept. But I can feel that control lessoning because with being home, I had to give up the control. I would find myself at the end of the day noticing something happened out of no where: a nice email, a new logo project, hell…a spontaneous trip would happen. That my friends is the magic; a glorified version of serendipity.

Now…Where does that put Wendling & Boyd? Well! It’s a place to hustle and most importantly, it’s a place for me to create beautiful things for people. As a storyteller, I love making things for clients. A few ideas that I had are as follows:

  • Stationary for this wedding season

  • A print shop (Society 6)

  • Producing Video

  • Talking about Print Design, Magazines, a Design all around

  • Helping the freelance world stay alive

  • Getting Involved with the National Parks and helping preserving it

  • Doing everything that I’ve done before but amplified

2019: Hi, how are ya?