The Iron Grate : Fenton, MI


We have a doozy today y'all! Today, I want to show you guys a shop that is very near and dear to my heart. The Iron Grate is a shop located in downtown Fenton, MI. During the early days of WB, you can find pictures of me standing by the building wearing a lumpy jacket from pacsun and light gray chinos. Not my finest moments but hey, we all come from somewhere. Kirsty, Tara, and Elizabeth have always greeted me with open arms and have always welcomed into their space. Here's more about them?

The Iron Grate, established in 1980, in the historic town of Fenton, Michigan, has become widely known for its combination of quality creative products and excellent customer service. Customers come from far and near to indulge in the sensory experience of shopping in the ambiance of the 1867 building. Bringing big city chic to small town. American, Londoner Elizabeth Dickens and her daughters Tara and Kirsty have created an exciting business that continues to be a work in progress.
We are passionate about bringing the latest high end, high quality merchandise to our customers. We hunt for merchandise that is uncommon and aesthetically pleasing in the hopes to inspire creativity and style. We focus on mixing old and new products which gives our shop a unique style of its own. We love helping our customers find treasures for their homes in order to make it feel aesthetically pleasing. You can also find the perfect gift or something special for yourself at The Iron Grate.

The lovely ladies have always treated me well and I can't help to visit their shop when I have
an open day. I'm always inspired by their beautifully packaged goods and shop breathes the ambiance of London. Let me show you:

If you guys are in the area or if you want to check them out, here's there social
media and website!

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Talk to you soon!