Starlight˚1: Negroni with a Twist


Happy Negroni Week Everyone!

With the current connectivity to locality and keeping things going, I'm adding an addition to the weekly posts. Here's the back story, last year a few friends and I went to Gold Cash Gold in Detroit. Gold Cash Gold is a restaurant that has delicious food and the most beautiful cocktails. The thing that attracted me to their menu was how they categorized their cocktails. They broke them up into three different categories: sunlight, starlight, and moonlight. As a lover of whimsical copy such as this, It hasn't left my memory bank. So this is an ode to that day. With Monday being the day of hightlight, today will be the day of starlight, then Friday will have a different topic. But more on that later, let's get on with today's boozy beverage shall we?

With it being negroni week, I decided to kick off this series guessed it! A negroni recipe! With having many a negroni, I always enjoy the classic recipe. Sometimes when bartenders experiment with their recipes, it sort of looses it's medicinal charm that I crave on the daily. I went around to my local shops to grab a couple of things for this cocktail. I got my bitters from Art of The Table, my sphere mold from WandP, and my oranges from Martha's Vineyard. In doing so, I've recreated the classic negroni recipe with one additional ingredient. A little floral kick that'll make spring/summer (whatever season it is here in Michigan) oh so enjoyable. 




1 oz. Gin (I used Hendricks)

1 oz. Campari (I used Aperol)

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth 

3 Drops Lavender Bitters ( *insert Jessie from Full House here* HAVE MERCY)

A sphere mold for your concoction! 

Cocktail Shaker 


ICE ICE BABY (why am I like this...?)



Step 1: Add plenty of ice to your shaker.

Step 2: Add your gin, campari, vermouth, and lavender to your shaker and shake.

Step 3: Take your rocks glass and place your ice sphere into it

Step 4: Pour your negroni over the ice sphere

Step 5: Cut off some of the orange peel off of an orange. Try to not get a lot of white pith onto your rind. It's bitter.

Step 6: Squeeze the peel over the glass, wipe down the edges with it, and twist into a curl.

Step 7: Place into you cocktail and enjoy!