Coopie Pizza Co. - Celebrating Dad's Birthday


Happy November all! (I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2018…Where did the year go?)

With the world moving at a hare like speed, in October, my family and I took an afternoon to celebrate my father’s birthday. My parent’s have been working and redoing the entirity of the back yard, and have installed a large oven that is equipped for a fireplace, a pizza oven, and a grill on the right size. With being a designer, I decided to brand it and call it “Coopie Pizza Co.”. I made an apron for Dad for father’s day and thus Coopie Pizza Co. was born. It’s not an actual company but indulge with me for a second.

Dad’s wishes for his birthday was to see if we could get the pizza oven going and to have homemade pizza’s for his birthday. And when you’re a wendling and a boyd (I didn’t plan that) you make things happen. Pizza can sometimes be a communal thing, there’s a process, a mixture of ingredients, and a beautiful sense of togetherness in sharing a pie. These moments are always an ode to Sunday dinners with my grandparents, in which sometimes included pizza from our local pizza joint. Heck, when I was coming home for grandma’s funeral, we were all so tired, we ordered pizza and remembered grandma. Alright, no more tears, lets get on with the pictures shall we?

Much Love