Fika Cakes: Buffalo Butter


Sometimes, you get a craving for pancakes at 6 o'clock. In a sense, I was remembering Grandma Boyd whipping up buttermilk pancakes on a Saturday night for my brother and I. For some reason, I think that the heat got to me that day and it ended up becoming"Camping Cakes" or "Fika Cakes" that are shaped into moose ( Meece? What's the politcally correct term for multiple mooses?) and trees. This recipe is taken from the journals of my childhood says. When we would go camping, we would always have breakfast together and this would be one of the delicious options that Grandma would propose. I also found this perculiar ingredient while shopping at our local Trader Joes. Unsalted Grass Fed Buffalo Butter. I didn't know that you could milk a buffalo? So...let's give it a go!


2 eggs

2 Cups all-purpose flour

2 TSP baking powder

¼ TSP salt

4 TBS Sugar

2 Cups Milk/Buttermilk

2 TBS Buffalo Butter ( can obtain from Trader Joes)

2 TBS Cinnamon

3 TBS Vanilla


Step 1: Mix dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

Step 2: In a separate bowl add your wet ingredients and company. Excluding the butter

Step 3: Combine and stir until smooth.

Step 4: When combined, melt the butter and add into the mixture.

Step 5 : In a frying pan, grease and place your desired amount of batter into the pan. When the edges get brown and the middle bubbles a bit, they're ready to flip.

Step 6: When the opposite side is cooked, plate and serve! 

Step 7: Add peanut butter and syrup. Mmm!