The Sovengard: Dinner with Loved Ones

Sometimes dinner with loved ones is always a necessity. It's one thing that I miss when I'm away from home. But there's always time for good quality food, good craft beer, and good friends. Ashley and Joanna, two of my really good friends, and I were walking around taking some lifestyle photos and we decided to get some grub. With wanting to try Sovengard, and loving Scandinavian food, I wanted to check it out. We parked, and we all saw was the biergarten (beer garden), and it was all apparent that this was an amazing choice. With researching Scandinavian and danish culture, this was the perfect place to continue that research. The atmosphere (we sat in the biergarten) was gorgeous. The tables were long, the bar was made out of a shipping unite, the plant life was beautiful, and the smiles were prevalent. We sat down and ordered a cheese plate and and a couple beers. There was this otherworldly warmth and dedication to atmosphere that Sovengard promoted. With looking through their website and seeing hygge (hooga) pop up, instantly felt like home.

A little about Sovengard: 


"Located in Grand Rapids’ blooming West Side neighborhood, we’ve made our home in the garden level of a historic building, and have created a biergarten from vacant and underutilized outdoor space. Since the beginning, we’ve applied sustainable building and operating methods, are continually striving for progressive company and community culture, and are working with local farms and producers that are taking care of the land."

Please head on over The Sovengard on Bridge street for a delicious cheese plate, and the most amazing fries!

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