The Art of Polishing Off: Birthday at Social GR

Good Morning Everyone! 

Today, I have another "The art of Polishing Off". Monday was my 23rd birthday and my friends took me out to Social Kitchen in Grand Rapids. With getting together over dinner was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Just a simple dinner, nothing to crazy. And It was a new experience for me too. I had never been to Social but I'll tell ya, it was delicious. We all ordered a drink, socialized, then ordered fries. Without thinking, I thought it was going to be a basket of fries. But...It was a behemoth mountain of fried spuds. It came with a garlic aioli and some ketchup. We all dug in and demolished the tray. 

Then going through the menu, I wanted to treat myself to something special. I wanted to make my own pizza. On the table there were little pieces of paper with a list of ingredients that you could put onto your pie. I grabbed the pencil and started creating my speciality birthday pizza. I instantly thought of the scene in Elf when he made me, there wasn't chocolate sauce, maple syrup, or candy on this pizza. I marked off most of the cheese ( naturally), ordered red sauce, spinach, basil, tomatoes, and the best part was the egg on top...oh my gosh, If I could put eggs on everything I would. I was so thankful to see my friends: Ashley, Kristin, Joanna, Tina and her Sister Lisa. You guys are truly amazing! 

Ashley and Kristin were amazing and got me a couple gifts for my birthday. Ashley got me the Egg Shop Cookbook (literally rolling around on the floor) an Kristin got me this gorgeous copper martini shaker. So I'm thinking about making breakfast for them with a simple cocktail and something out of the egg shop cookbook. 

It was a beautiful night and I couldn't ask for more amazing friends 

If you guys want to check out Social Kitchen and Bar in GR, Here are their social media handles

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Stay Sweet Ya'll