Imbibing in Traverse City: BLK MRKT and The Little Fleet

When school, work, and life gets you down, you grab yourself a good friend and head on out for the day. With always wanting to go to Traverse City, one Saturday morning, my friend Sam and I left Grand Rapids and made our way to TC. With loving drink culture (coffee, beer, and cocktails), I'm usually on the look out for places to grab a drink/eat. With knowing about BLK MRKT from Megan of The Fresh Exchange, and all of my coffee shop friends, I knew that was the place that I wanted to stop at first. 

Here's a little bit more about BLK MRKT

We think coffee is super delicious, and we would like to share some with you. We are actively building relationships with some other like-minded folks in the coffee industry to ensure that we are bringing you the most conscientiously grown, meticulously processed, thoughtfully roasted, carefully brewed, and straight-up gorgeous coffee we can.  We  pay respect to all of the hard work that went into the coffee before coming to us, by lavishing as much attention as we possibly can on it before we send it off with you. We also spend a great deal of time tasting coffee, and obsessing about it.  We personally have a tendency to “geek” out a little heavily on the science end of coffee extraction and would talk your ear off about coffee (perhaps bore you to tears) but we are not going to beat you over the head with all of the technical stuff.  Ultimately the coffee will speak for itself. In the end, what we really want is for you to enjoy a memorably delicious cup of coffee, have something nice to eat with it, and spend a little time enjoying yourself.

As Sam and I were walking around downtown, we came upon this little bar called "The Little Fleet". Oddly enough, something was pulling me to this bar. When I turned my head to see the bar, I could literally feel something pulling me there. I started speed walking towards the entrance and all I heard from Sam was "where are you going?". I yelled back " I don't know but my feet wont stop". I walk in and was greeted by the server with a warm welcome. The bar wasn't open for the day yet but I asked him if I could take pictures. He politely agreed and I began to shoot. We got there around 2:30 and they open at 3. Sam and I left, got dinner then we came back. We walked up the The Little Fleet and there was a plethora of people around. We grabbed a seat at the bar and the same bartender came over and welcomed us back to the bar. I ordered a Negroni and Sam ordered a Shirley temple. We cheered and I just took in the ambiance of the bar. The people who were sitting at the bar with us asked us who we were since we weren't regulars and we talked about who we are. The people were so politely. As an extrovert, I enjoy good quality conversation. The energy of the bar made me realize that there's this warmth that I want to promote with the blog: warm welcoming people, getting together, and having fun. The doors were open and the sun was beautiful.

Here's a little more about The Little Fleet:

An open air bar serving local, domestic and international craft beers; curated cocktails, spirits, wines and the original "Nip & Sip" all in the shadow of Traverse City's only food truck lot. Where at any time between 2-8 food trucks from all over Michigan will be serving food. Monthly events, specialty tastings and private events happen here as well. Representin' the East side on the corner of Front & Wellington right across the street from The Cooks House.

If you guys want to check out both of these wonderful places here are their social media handles:


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The Little Fleet 

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