Detroit Coffee Guide: Astro Coffee

Good Morning Everyone~

As you all know, I've been focusing on heritage and the American made but I want to in a way that is more well rounded than just goods, coffee, and makers. There's more of a craft and design aspect that I also want to pull into this blog. But more on that later. Today I want to show you another Michigan coffee shop that is well known. They don't have any external branding or collateral but the coffee is great, the shop is beautiful, and the aesthetic is well known. This shop was even featured in Kinfolk awhile back. Every time I'm in Detroit, this is usually a place on my list to go. I bring to you Astro Coffee:

Astro Coffee is a small café located in the historic Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. Our menu features a variety of roasters and producers we are excited about, and changes constantly depending on seasonality and availability.

I really love the atmosphere of this shop. It's the perfect place to have Fika and it's also a perfect place to go to do work or have a meeting. The food there is honestly the best that I've ever had at a coffee shop. Here are some pictures from Astro: 

The food and the coffee is to die for at Astro. Take my word for it, this is an amazing coffee shop and they will treat you right.


Have an amazing day everyone |