Make an Arrangement: A Simple Guide

Grandma Boyd always had a garden of flowers. She had almost an "army" if you will of flowers guarding the house. Mums, sunflowers, tulips, lilacs, morning glory, bleeding hearts, gardenia's, if it was growable in Michigan she had it . It's almost therapeutic to make flower arrangements and or even going out and looking at the natural world. So with working all weekend at a client's house, I decided to make an arrangement out of the wildflowers to brighten up the house.

Wild Flower Arrangements: A Guide

Step 1: Go outside and forage for wildflowers. Watch out for poison ivy/ poison oak 

Step 2: Using a pair of garden shears and cut the flower stems at an angle. 

Step 3: Take your flowers to a flat surface 

Step 4: Start arranging, there is no right way to do this. Have fun with this part! 

Step 5: Tie with butchers twine and place in a vase.