Vera's Buns x The Kinfolk Table

I was at the Safe Haven last weekend and I decided to make something delicious. With the latest blog post, I wanted to kick the new "Home" aesthetic off with something warm and welcoming. I thought back to my childhood and my first thought was homemade bread. I wanted to try a new recipe and I realized that I had a couple cook books in my car. (Great thinking ahead past Ty). So I went to my car and grabbed the ones that I had.  I usually carry "The Kinfolk Table" with my wherever I go so I decided to flip through that one first. I found the recipe for Vera's Buns but I didn't necessarily want a mass amount of Buns to sit on so I made a few little tweaks to Vera's recipe. I also did a few things differently than I usually do when I make bread. Here's what happened and what I thought of the recipe as a whole:

First of all: What comes out of this recipe is really versatile.  This bread can be turned into anything that you could possible want. I made it into eggs in a basket, toast, and also just spread honey and blueberry jam on top. You could add fruit to the dough, you could add cheese and garlic. The possibilities are truly endless!

Second: It only has 5 ingredients. (Very 5 ingredient fix if I do say so myself. Here's to you Claire Robinson).

Third: This recipe didn't take long to make. I started at 5:30 and it finished baking at 8. With no kneading work neither. Which leads me to point number four.

Fourth: I used a kitchenaid mixer for the entire recipe! So it's easy for anyone who doesn't have the hand strength to knead the dough. 

Fifth: With bread being so versatile, I decided to keep the bread into loafs instead of buns and followed the directions up until the dough cutting step. Instead of cutting the dough into buns and letting it rise for another hour. I just punched the middle gently, and let it sit next to my oven for another hour.  

Simple as that !

Oh I forgot one final thing. If you have a furry friend running around the house, remember to give him a taste too!

Please grab yourself an copy of "The Kinfolk Table". It's a great cookbook and there are plenty of eclectic and delicious meals inside of it. It's probably one of my favorite cook books next to The Forest Feast and the old antique cook book that my Great Grandma gave me.