EST: 2014

Welcome to Wendling & Boyd

As a designer, photographer, stylist and coffee connoisseur, Wendling & Boyd is powered by Research, Coffee, and Culture.
With a high focus in graphic design, supporting local and sustainable goods, and visual storytelling, WB is here to help your
brand thrive. 


Let me introduce myself

My name is Tyler Wendling and I'm the designer, photographer, stylist, and writer behind Wendling & Boyd. Born and raised in farming country then transplanted into city living for college. The origin story of  W&B is that I wanted to create something that no one could take away from me and that was my namesake. With being raised such a small town, family is all that I had. So this is an ode to them and what they've taught me. W&B is my graphic design/photography/styling portfolio, a place for me to blog about the new coffee shops and products that I enjoy, my journey as a creative in this world, and a place for people to come around a campfire to enjoy a story or too. Pull up a chair, grab a cortado, and enjoy!





Powered by Hustle and a BFA In Design

Design WORK  

Here's a few of the case studies that I've created during my college career. Graduating with high honors at Kendall College of Art and Design. 
Published photographer and two time Addy winner. 




Let's fight together!

A Focus on local 

Ever since day one, Wendling & Boyd has focused on supporting local/sustainable companies who become a large part of the community. From visiting the companies, product styling , designing content, even going out to dinner, WB has fought for those companies since day one.