Interior Report: Alpine Modern


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Today, I want to delve into the new interior design report with an addition of goods to buy that will help you if you'd like to achieve this interior style. But let's begin with the simple report. Alpine Modern is a cafe and shop in Colorado. They had a printed magazine awhile back that I was subscribe to and to this day you can still catch me thumbing through the pages of their beautiful editorial. I've always loved the idea of Alpine Modern in home design. It really merges my two worlds. My modern design side and my rustic background that I had as a kid. In research, there's the homage that alpine modernist have towards the natural world. There's textures that are on par with the Scandinavian tradition of hygge (pronounced as hooga). There's a sense of warmth and togetherness that can be exchange with this interior design style. Textures such as animal hide rugs, the logs of wood to keep the home-gowers warm (mind you these houses can be up in the mountains), exposed concrete, wood, or brick, and etc. They also pay homage to the flame. The fire, the essential of warmth, life, and survival.

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I wanted to start including a small shop section on these posts for you guys. I know a lot of people ask me where to get things to style with and in all honesty, my props and such come from locals or shops. So, I want to start showing people where they can get beautiful products to add to their homes. 


The Everyday Man: Oars + Alps

I don't take men's grooming lately. I'm constantly try out new products and seeing what the market for men's grooming holds. Awhile back, I was sent a couple products from Oars + Alps. With grandma passing and all of the other extremities I haven't had the time to do this post the way I wanted to in a styling sense. So now with the clouds blowing over the colorful skies, it's time to feature these amazing products.  

"Oars + Alps was built on the herculean objective to give active guys the best possible skincare with the most powerful ingredients - all without the hassle, toxins, and massive markup. Our team of leading chemists formulate highly effective skincare for your on-the-go life." - Oars + Alps Mission Statement

Each of their products exclude parabens, pthalates, sulfates, and microbeads, which are found in the everyday big business grocery store products; in which are dangerous for the skin. In continuing, these products from Oars + Alps have caribou moss in them. When I was researching, it sounded mystical to me. With a bit of research, I learned that this moss is extremely good for your skin. It takes down inflammation, it softens the skin (the charcoal helps with exfoliation), and it cleans the pours. So you definitely want to try these products out.  My skin is a mixture of dry and oily, and it works perfectly for me.

The packaging is also a nice breath of air. With being in the men's grooming product industry, a plethora of companies tend to feed off of other companies. Oars + Alps, have this warm yet inviting blue color that is in the aesthetic. It's paying homage to the name of Oars + Alps. Gotta love looking at things are brand aspect right?

This is how I use them 

Step 1: Shower but don't wash your face. 

Step 2: Dampen your face (beard as well) with warm water and rub the charcoal stick all over your face. Be careful, don't get it in your eyes. I also have to hit my eyebrows  because they're the driest part of my face.

Step 3: With warm water, massage into your face. 

Step 4: Remove the charcoal wash from your face.

Step 5: Use face cream under your eyes, and your cheeks. Your face will feel great and refreshed after every use. 

If you'd like to grab yourself some of these amazing products, check out their social media below

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