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Graphic Design 

Branding, logo design, website design,
print design, hand lettering, etc. 

Product Styling/ Photography 

Helping company's create content for their website, social media, and print collateral. lifestyle, products, and food photography are my specialty. 

Styling Classes

If you'd like for me to teach a styling class, reach out to my email and we can figure out things from there. I've taught classes at West Elm, Harless + Hugh, The Found Cottage, and Foster Coffee Co.

Creative Consulting

If you need help with your Brand/Instagram,
don't hesitate to reach out



Kaffe Social

Kaffe Social began when Wendling & Boyd was born. Wendling & Boyd was once just a coffee and travel blog. But with the progression and deeper interest in this craft world, Kaffe Social was born. Kaffe social is the phenomenon of like minded people getting together at their local coffee shop to visit, chat, cowork, and etc... It's a focus on finding the crafted world of coffee and the like minded people who inhabit it. .